You Must Die From One Path to Walk Another

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You are working so hard and things just aren’t gelling.  You feel like the perverbial hamster in a wheel.  You are praying for clients.  You are praying for happiness.  You are praying for a loving partner.  Whatever you are praying for God doesn’t seem to be listening.  You feel alone, tired, and ready to give up.

I don’t believe in luck.  I don’t believe in coincidence.  I don’t believe that God is mean or unkind.  I don’t believe he punishes us and gets negative pleasure out of watching us work our butts off to get nowhere.  When you are working yourself to death or praying for the same thing over and over, I believe you are on the wrong path.  God is not telling you “No” – he is saying:  “Look elsewhere” or “Are you ready to SEE my gifts yet?”

I believe that he is presenting us with opportunities all of the time, but due to our need for control, our fears, and our limited “sight”, we aren’t aware that these opportunities exist.  For example, I have clients who come to me because they want to find their soul mate.  I tell them that I believe God has put many potential mates in their path – maybe at a party or at church or in the workplace – but they didn’t see them because they have work to do.  They weren’t ready.  They were on the wrong path…

When you are on the right path, miracles happen.  All of a sudden life moves more easily.  Puzzle pieces fall into place.  Synchronicity happens almost daily:  You happen to be in the right place at the right time.  You meet with a person who has previously been illlusive.  You meet people who know people who end up playing a significant role in your life.  You get unexpected refund checks in the mail. Synchronicity is God’s way of saying “Yes!!” to our prayers, wants, needs and longings.  It’s a way to validate and confirm that we are on the path that leads to our highest and best good – a path from our fate to our lessons and finally to our destiny. 

Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit.  We are also creatures of control.  We believe we KNOW what is best for us.  We create plans and stick to them no matter what.  Sometimes it is our overwhelming need to KNOW “why”, “when”, “how”, or the outcome.  Maybe we are tempted or blinded by our fears – of not having enough, of not being enough, of being a victim, of not being safe, of being betrayed, of not being accepted.  It all comes down to figuring out, in our own way, in our own timeframe, that what we are doing isn’t working.  This might take days, it might take years.

I did as my parents asked.  I married a nice man who was ambitious and came from a good family.  By good family I mean a rich family.  When one of his parents died, he was gifted with millions.  Yes, I said millions.  Now, 10 years later we have nothing left.  I had a husband who provided.  Nothing was expected of me.  I was taken care of.  I could hide.  I could spend.  I didn’t have to succeed professionally.  I didn’t have to take any risks.  He made poor business decisions and funded a company that should have closed its doors years ago.  He had a buffer to keep the company going, and he did.  We were BOTH able to make poor financial decisions because we had our security blankets (me, my husband – my husband, his inheritance).

For me to step into my destiny, my independence,  and financial abundance, I had to die to my path.  I had to leave my husband and be on my own financially.  I had to be with a man who lives his passion, but doesn’t make enough (currently) to buy me the nice things I enjoy (like Prada).  I no longer have a security blanket.  I can’t hide and wait for anyone to take care of me.  Therefore, I have to be successful enough to be able to afford half of the bills AND those “nice” things I love so much.  To do this I have to take risks.  I have to step away from my comfort zones and do the things I need to do to have a successful and professional practice.  I have to believe in myself enough to KNOW I can gain the clientele I need to pay the rent for my new office space.  I have to believe in myself enough to KNOW I have the talent and skills to a) bring clients that I can help to my door, b) to teach and speak to large groups, and c) go from writing blogs to writing books and much, much more!!!

For my ex husand to step into his destiny and his belief in himself, he had to die to a path.  ALL financial comfort zones had to be removed from his life.  This meant no money in savings, no stocks, no IRA and even included no longer being with a partner/girlfriend who made a good enough living for both of them (that wasn’t me, by the way!).  He is realizing that he can have no net – because HE IS HIS NET!  I believe in my ex husband.  I believe in his ambition, focus, intention, work ethic, and intelligence.  I believe that he can make all of the financial abundance he wants – plus some – on his OWN!  But he wouldn’t have been able to see and understand that if he hadn’t made the mistakes that he made.  He had to keep bullying along on his path of less and less while he worked harder and harder – until he was ready to try a new way.

Dieing to one path so that you can take another is scary.  It is sad.  It requires grieving of what was so that you can move forward to what will be.  It is about change and we all understand that change is difficult!  It takes a spirituality that involves trusting and surrendering in a higher power – in Spirit – in The Universe – in God.  It takes consciousness and the ability to look at life in a different way. 

I KNOW God has a plan for your destiny.  You just have to listen closely.  You have to look for the synchronicities – or lack thereof.  You have to be willing to be flexible and open to the opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis that might not be a part of your current “plan of action”.  You have to trust that your vision is limited.  Control is an illusion.  You have to be still and be quiet to listen.  In the stillness and quietness the static we call life doesn’t get in the way of our true path.  Our TRUE path – the one that is in our highest and best good – is a path of abundance in ALL of its forms.  A path of wholeness.  A path of joy, bliss, love, lessons, and healing. 

Love to you