You Can Have It All – A Lesson of Abundance

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In one of my first lectures at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Barbara spoke about the life that we deserve. She told us that: “We could have it all”. I remember thinking that she was “off her rocker” and looked around to see how much money she was making off of us, suckers. How can you tell people that they can have it all? What does that mean? Obviously, I didn’t believe her. It took three years to understand that: 1) She wasn’t talking about money – she was talking about wholeness, 2) I did deserve a life where I had it all, 3) I can have it all, and 4) All doesn’t mean perfection.

 What Did Barbara Mean?

 What Barbara meant was that we can have the whole package because we are the whole package. We are not perfect. We were not created to be perfect. To find out what it means for us to be whole, it takes creating some new definitions. How do you define abundance? What do you deserve in life? What is happiness? What makes up a good/whole life? Can I accept a life that will never be perfect?

She also meant that the definition of whole is different for everyone. What is important to me; what makes me happy; what I want to accomplish in life – is very different than someone else.

“All” Means Abundance in all its Forms

 What is abundance? Is it just money? To have it “all” means looking at abundance from a wider scope.

 When we limit our thinking (and, therefore, limit our definition of abundance), we can get stuck in jobs where we aren’t happy, challenged, and don’t hold our passion. We can get stuck in a relationship that has pieces of what nourishes our soul, but doesn’t hold all of what we need. We can hold onto friends that mirror our woundings (flaws and defenses) and judge us instead of helping us by believing in our brilliance, strength, and beauty. We can “settle” for less than what we deserve.

 When we open up our definition of abundance, we create space for more joy, laughter, creativity, passion, and spirituality. We decide what is important to us – God, family, friends, home, integrity, children, animals, etc. Money is one part of our life. Most importantly, we give ourselves permission to dream. We dare to believe that we can manifest all that life has in store for us.

 How to Have it All – Listen & Change

 Listen to your truth. Do you say one thing and do another? Do you say: “I want peace” but then bring chaos into your life? Do you long for a more passionate sex life, but resist doing the work, the talks and the uncomfortableness that change brings? Do you hate your job, but find reason after reason why you can’t quit and find another? It’s time to stop resisting and follow your truth!

 To have it all takes more than dreaming, it takes courage to make changes in your life so that you can achieve your goals. You need to be willing to face the fears that have had you stuck for so long so that you can make different choices in the future. Having the desire to change brings us to … The Vision/Life Board.

How to Have it All – Create a Vision/Life Board

 We know from Anthony Robbins and others that when we write down our goals and are able to visualize them, we are much more successful in achieving them! Creating a Vision/Life Board is the perfect vehicle to help you focus, dream, create and manifest.

 An easy and creative way to create your Vision Board is through a product called: The Lifeboard. This kit can be purchased online, and is relatively inexpensive. I was given one for Christmas, and it was a transforming and inspiring process! Linda Blum Huntington, one of the creators of the Lifeboard told me: “The lifeboard was created, originally, in hopes to help guide our children toward a positive and productive life journey. To show them how to set goals and achieve them. What we’ve learned over the many years of lifeboarding is that it is profoundly simple and incredibly powerful and impactful.”

The Lifeboard kit comes with a journal and a board for you to create directly on to. The board is sectioned off into eight pie pieces that signify: Home, Success, Love & Marriage, Family & Children, Friends & Travel, Career, Continuing Education, Health & Creativity. These represent all of the areas of your life (your wholeness) and what you want to accomplish in your future. Cut out pictures. Write poems. Cut out words from magazines. What is important to you? What nourishes you? Remember that this board is a visual creation of the longings you have yet to manifest in your life. What do you want your future abundance to hold? At the end, put your favorite picture of you – or your favorite quote/poem – in the center. This is you, at peace, filled with joy, and filled with abundance – in all its forms.

Once you have created this work of art, hang it where you can see it daily. Meditate on it. Believe it. You can make it happen one step at a time. This brings us to belief…The Yes Current.

 How to Have it All – Live in the “Yes” Current

 The “Yes” Current is a way of looking at life. It is finding the glass 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty. Optimism is just part of the Yes Current. It is also acceptance of your (and others) humanness and imperfections. It is cleaning up your messes when you make a mistake. It is taking responsibility for your part in any conflict, discussion, or problems without expecting others to do the same. It is replacing fear with compassion and love. It is the willingness to release negativity to make room for more joy, creativity, and intimacy in your life.

Finally, the Yes Current is about believing and trusting in your intuition, intelligence and brilliance. It is knowing deep in your soul that you deserve a life that is full and whole. It is about saying “I can” versus “I can’t”. It is about saying: “Yes” versus “No” to life.

 My “Now” Experience

Since I heard Barbara’s first lecture my life has changed dramatically. I laugh more. I have a different career. I have a life filled with joy and passion. I have completed my lifeboard. I, daily, say “Yes” to life – and I have support that I call on when I want to say “No.” My beliefs around money, passion, simplicity, and what I deserve have shifted.

 Yes, I want to be financially comfortable, but I want laughter more than furs. I want the love and respect of my children and husband more than diamonds. Yes, I love clothes. But I would rather have passion than Prada. (I personally belive I can have both!). Finally, nothing and no one is perfect. It is more important to have the whole package than to have a few “perfect” parts of the whole.

Bottom line: Having it all is about giving up what is no longer important to you so that you can have what is important to you. It’s possible. It’s doable. It’s wonderful. Good luck!