Transforming the Vehicles for Pain to Vehicles for Healing

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When I first started on my path to be an energy worker, I took a teacher’s advice and went to a workshop in California with a woman named Emilie Conrad.  I knew very little about energy work, and I knew nothing about Emilie and her healing modality called, Continuum.

Continuum is not for the light hearted or thin skinned.  Emilie works on a very deep level.  Within the first hour I wondered what I was doing there and wanted to run.  I understood (on some level) that there was deep process going on – lots of pain being worked through – but I didn’t even know what “process” was or how it worked.  I didn’t understand the catharsis of acting out your pain and having it witnessed by others.  I didn’t even know I could go INTO my pain and find my way back out. Emilie stayed with me that weekend.  She didn’t let me run.  She supported me as I walked a dark path.  She was my rock – my teacher in every sense.  At the end of the weekend I did a monologue (it was a creative expression workshop) that changed my life.

In every energy piece that weekend I found that I was fixated on my hands – especially my palms.  They became my focal point.  There was a story my hands had to tell me – had to tell all of those around me.  I just had to figure out what that story was.  Here are pieces of the story – pieces of that transformative monologue:

“Hands are soft and smooth.  They are pretty.  They can be used to touch, caress, and glide along a body.  They can help express a feeling or word.  Hands can open in invitation.  They can drum and twitch in agitation.  They can rub together – fingers playing, dancing, moving, showing anxiety and fear.  They can point and accuse.  They can gesture love and anger – sometimes at the same time.

I have a spot on my hands.  This spot won’t go away no matter how much I rub or wash it.  This spot can only be seen by me – it’s red and round in shape.  It’s blood.

Hands pinch.  Hands slap.  Hands hit.  Hands punish.  Hands can’t be trusted.  Always watch the hands…

My hands are 42 year old hands – yet they still hold the screams and pain of children.  God is healing these hands.  He’s healing my hands every time I touch my children with love.  Every time I walk away instead of hit.  He heals them every time I use them to teach others.  He heals them now through energy – healing energy.

God is transforming my hands from hands of pain to hands that heal.  I don’t have to hold my hands over my ears anymore.  The screaming isn’t so loud – it isn’t as scary.  The journey for my hands is transforming pain to patience; a slap into a caress; my bloody stain to white, healing light.”

Now, six years later, as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I can tell you that my hands now remove pain and distorted images from others.  They give life, fullness, and healing to those who ask.  They no longer represent anger – they represent love.  My hands are wise and they are sensitive – they can discern low density vibration (shame, guilt, pain, fear, terror, etc.) from high density vibration (God, love, clarity, joy, bliss, etc.).  They are my eyes and ears when I work on a client.  My hands represent my heart, my vulnerability, my softness and my gentleness.  I love my hands!