The Masks We Wear – A Poem

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Masks give the illusion of power, anonymity, and they keep secrets.

They prevent the real me to be seen.

Masks hide my terror.  I get lost in my fear.

Where have I gone?

Can you see me?

Masks have kept me safe.

I long to be authentic in all that I do; all that I say; all that I feel.

Finding the answers to “Who Am I”? is my quest.

It is the most important Treasure Hunt I can imagine

Because “Who I Am Not” has become too toxic to live with.

Can you see me?

Masks hide our truth.

I am meant to live in bliss, laugh loudly, be strong and kind.

I am a desert rose. 

I can live in harsh climates, but I am fragile and beautiful .

Can you see me?

The masks we wear cover all that is precious.

For me it is my vulnerability and my heart.

My softness lives and breathes and claws to get out

To share my love to all that come within my reach.

Can you see me?

Masks separate us from others.

I am tired of the fear and pain that keeps me trapped behind the mask.

That keep my sensitive and tender heart hidden from those I love.

Images, Beliefs, Fear, Pain, Guilt, Shame – It’s time for you to go.

I am ready.  Now is the time.

Can you see me?