Living in the Yes Current – Depression & The No Current Part IV

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The goal of this series of blogs is to help you see:

1.  There is a No Current

2.  There is a Yes Current

3.  There is a direct correlation between the No Current and Depression

4.  You WANT to live in the Yes Current!!  This is a much happier and freer place to live your life!

 We have defined what the Yes and No Currents are and how they can affect our lives.  We showed ways to Shift the No’s to the Yesses – this is tough and might have seemed a bit overwhelming.  We talked about the three (3) different “No’s” so that you can have a Clean, Healthy No and a Clean Healthy Yes in your life.  Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it??!!  It IS A LOT OF WORK!  Don’t let anyone tell you different!  But, the rewards are worth it! 

Moving from Depression to Joy is a process and a skill.  How do you learn any skill?   Practice, practice, practice.  Practice your Curious Witness; practice being vulnerable; practice saying No with those that love you (it is easier to start here than with strangers or with co-workers); practice being grounded and saying No in front of a mirror.  Role play with a friend – have your friend act out the situations when you currently get stuck in your Yes when you mean No.  Here you can make all the mistakes you need without any pressure.  You can develop a language and vocabulary to pull from when you are in those situations. 

Remember that you are human.  You will mess up.  You will fall down.  Please be kind to yourself!  I hope you will forgive yourself, dust yourself off, and try again tomorrow.  Follow your intention – try not to get discouraged – find support when you do – and practice some more!

 I now have a life that is filled with people who see me, who love me, and who respect me.  I would do ANYTHING for my friends, and they, in return, will do ANYTHING for me!!  I had a family emergency and had to find help for a family member 3,000 miles away.  I had to fly out there and find support for them AND for myself.  It only took a few phone calls and emails, and I had more support for both of us than I ever could have imagined.  My friends and teachers stepped up and went out of their way to find names, addresses, professionals, and phone numbers.  They took me wherever I needed to be.  They did what I would do for them – This is what people who love each other treat each other (I told my family member).  This is the life and friendships I have created.  I have surrounded myself with love and give that same amount of love right back.  I try to live through my big, vulnerable, sensitive heart now.  And the gifts I am given in return are endless.  Thank you Yes Current. 

You deserve more joy.  You deserve deeper and more intimate friendships and relationships.  You deserve a Yes Current that runs like a mountain creek that is filled from the melting snow in the Spring.  You deserve a life that is filled with more love and less fear.  YOU, your adult self deserves to be driving the bus called your life – not your fears, not your Super Ego, not the negativity that comes from feeling like a victim.  If you are alive and on this planet – then you are COURAGEOUS.  Remember, Courage is not the lack of fear, but standing even in the FACE of fear.  Empowerment comes from taking one new, different, conscious, and positive step each day.  Doing one thing differently today brings you closer to manifesting your destiny of LIVING daily in the Yes Current tomorrow.  You can do it!  I believe in you!

Love to you