Depression & The “No Current” – Part I

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I went to visit a friend who was suffering from depression.  While I was with them I realized that they were living in the No Current.  This place of negativity, victimization, and hopelessness.  It is a common place for most people.  Even your most optimistic friend has some No Current in their lives.  But those that suffer from depression can caught stuck here.  So, what is the No and Yes Current?  What are the consequences of the No and benefits of the Yes?  How do we move from one to the other?  Here are some of my insights and ideas – I hope it helps you!

The No Current

 The No Current is the pervasive, instinctual, or default energy that is running through your thoughts and body at all times.  (This is MY definition).  Examples of the No Current are:  Negative self-talk, pessimism, negative forecasting, either/or thinking, avoidance, blame and judgment.  Some people also call the No Current being a “realist” versus being called a pessimist.  It is all a resounding “NO!” just the same.  Lack of trust and faith also come with the no current. 

The Yes Current

 The Yes Current is also a pervasive, instinctual, or default energy that CAN be running through your thoughts and body at all times!  Examples of the YES Current are:  Positive thinking, faith, trust, the Attitude of Gratitude, looking for choices (versus either/or thinking), acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and taking responsibility and cleaning up your messes when you make mistakes. 

 Consequences of the No Current

As you can imagine, living within this negative environment called your life that YOU have created and choose to stay in, can have pretty severe consequences.  Depression, anger and rage, feeling stuck – victim mentality, taking anger out on others thereby hurting those you love, pushing people away, hermiting (self-ostracizing), projecting your fears on others and making incorrect assumptions about others, guilt and shame.  None of these options sound like a place you want to live – but we all do to a certain extent.  These consequences lead to perpetuating self-hate and a lack of self-esteem.  One word:  Misery.

Benefits of the Yes Current

 By opening yourself up to the Yes Current you are starting to look for the positive in every being and every situation.  You begin the path of finding compassion for yourself and others.

 I am not asking you to trust the untrustworthy.  I am asking you to use the Yes current to use the incredible brain that God gave you.  Discernment is making decisions out of your inner-authority, wisdom, and truth versus making decisions out of fear.  Discernment brings clarity – or is it the other way around??

By removing shame and guilt and finding acceptance of your imperfections and humanity, you can take responsibility for your own part in any conflict, discussion, problem or mess without expecting others to do the same.  It is YOUR life.  Only YOU can change YOU.  And eventually you will begin to see and trust that as you change, others will change around you!

When you release a layer of negativity from your life, you are making room for:  more joy, bliss, creativity, different paths to be open to you, respect, deeper relationships…  As you release more and more of the No Current and Surrender more into the Yes Current, you start surrounding yourself with those that mirror the TRUTH of who you are.  You will find and attract others that want deeper contact, loyal friendships, hold compassion and acceptance for the whole, imperfect you.  As you begin to be more open and vulnerable, you will call to you more people who are on the same path and want more vulnerable, intimate relationships.  When you stop pushing people away out of fear, you begin to see that those you were pushing away have great gifts to give you…

Doesn’t this sound great??  It might even sound too good to be true…  Here is the No Current speaking!  I can tell you that it IS GREAT and it is TRUE!  I have seen hundreds of people from from No to Yes!  And, of course, I have made it part of my life plan to have a rich Yes Current in my life.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t get stuck in the No Current at times, it just means that I use these skills to help guide my way out.   I am living the abundance delivered by the Yes Current.  My friends are my family.  My friends SEE me, HEAR me, and LOVE me.  Thank you Yes Current!!

 Love to you