Definition of a good day

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Many years ago I realized that my definition of a “good day” no longer worked for me.  My definition was:  A good day is when everything goes as planned and I get all my “chores” checked off my list.  When reality is applied to this definition, it means that I have crappy days most days!  As we all know, we don’t have very many days when everything goes as planned – and even fewer days when all my chores are checked off my list!

This Aha moment was a turning point for me.  It was my definition (or image/belief) about what constituted a good day that was off – NOT my days!  So, I decided in that moment to change my definition – a more realistic definition.  Since I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and at the time was teaching a sports conditioning class my new definition carried pieces from here…

A good day is one where I am able to navigate over and around all obstacles that are put in my way GRACEFULLY.

A day when all goes as planned or when all chores are checked off the list is:  A Gift from God.

Now, when I start to wind down from my day, I use this definition or image to decide what kind of day I had.  As you might guess, it’s the “Gracefully” part that usually gets me!