10 Ways to Give to Yourself this Fall

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10 Ways to Give to Yourself this Fall

Before the holidays, which is a time when we give and give to others, take this next month to give to yourself.

  • Take a few quiet moments for YOU every day to meditate, journal, set your positive intention for the day.
  • Take (long) walks while the weather is fall perfect.
  • Take a bubble bath – Do it up w\candles, bath salts, and a glass of wine
  • Create an affirmation…
    • Have it be about something you want to IMPROVE within yourself.
    • Repeat it to yourself every day!
    • i.e.  “I am working on my impulsivity.  I will pause before I speak or act.”
  • Cook one healthy mean from scratch a week
    • Go online and pull a recipe off the ihnternet that sounds delicious and not too difficuolt. 
    • Get yourself a glass of wine.
    • Turn on some music.
    • Enjoy feeding yourself and your family a nutritious, healthy, and delicious meal!
  • Take a class or join a club in something you enjoy.
    • Online
    • Recreation Centers
    • Fitness facilities
    • Martial Arts
    • NOVA
    • Dance classes
    • Book clubs
    • Cooking class
    • Wine Tasting
  • Take a self-defense class
    • One in five women are raped.  Do yourself a favor and be a great role model for your friends and family.
    • If you have a daughter, enroll her too.  It is our duty as parents to make sure our children are protected!
  • Get a massage
  • Go get a check up!
    • Preventive medicine is a wonderful gift for yourself and your family!!
      • Colonoscopy
      • Stress test
      • Osteoperosis
      • Cholesterol counts
      • Mammogram
      • Dentist
  • Get out of PAIN!
    • So many people live with pain. 
    • Pain is NOT a necessary part of life
    • Figure out what hurts and find a professional to help you get out of pain!!


Before the holidays come, take a few moments for yourself and receive your own love and appreciation!!!

Love to you