“I have studied and taught bio-energetics for over 12 years and have rarely come across a practitioiner with as much courage and compassion to face wounds and defenses. Cindy Seidel has a remarkable ability to hold both the distortions of humanity and see to the true divine nature of her clients. I highly recommend her as a healer who can be trusted to stand by you through your spiritual journey of self-discovery. Because of her personal courage and integrity to go deep inside her own process, she has created a safe and pure energetic container to hold a sacred space for you to move past the pain of your past and into a beautiful relationship with your longings for your life’s expression.”
— Ky Woolf, Energy Worker

“Cindy has been my personal trainer for over four years now following a significant period of rehabilitation. I was able to transition out of physical therapy to training with Cindy on a regular basis with no recurring issues. The results I have achieved are a testament to Cindy’s knowledge of diverse training methods and individualized exercise programs. Her expertise enables her to adapt programs to an individual’s specific needs, thereby minimizing the risks to compromised body parts. Cindy has helped me to develop a sustainable exercise program with the benefits I desired and now I am in better shape than at any other time in my life.”
— Pam

“I have been with Cindy for almost four years and am truly impressed with her ability to train. She inspires me to continue exercising when I am really ready to stop yet knows when it is time to stop. She encourages me each day I train with her and never lets me falter. She is very knowledgeable in many forms of exercise and knows what type works for me. She also makes sure that every session is different and never boring. She is able to adapt her exercise routines to fit my needs whether because of a need to concentrate on a specific area, muscle group or even due to injury. She rarely misses a session and always inspires me with her positive can do attitude. She is also a great listener and is intuitive in knowing how to get the most out of me. I am truly proud to call her my personal trainer and friend.”
— Susan Ostrom

“I have known Cindy Seidel for four years now, not only as a coach, but as a friend. Year after year she is responsible for the winter conditioning program to ensure that over 90 teenage athletes are prepared to win races on the water. Her powerful leadership abilities demand respect and optimal performance from the men and women she trains. Each year our athletes come back more in shape and equipped to take on their competition; and I can honestly say this is due to Cindy. The level of difficulty to design such a functioning and successful program in this kind of environment is extreme, and she does this annually with no hesitation, excited to meet her next challenge. Cindy is ready to assist and teach both in the weight-room and on the track, earning the respect and confidence of her athletes. I am proud to have Cindy Seidel on my coaching staff; she is a bigger part of our success than she realizes.”
— Ashley Frese, Head Coach, W.T. Woodson High School Crew

“Your empathy and acceptance of all things, (human and animal, and even me!), especially of things that many find difficult to embrace, has always been one of your many wonderful gifts. Seeing these “hidden” gifts in people and animals, that many are unable or unwilling to see, make you the unique giving person that you are.”
— J. Kelly