About Me

Cindy Battino Seidel

(Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, ACSM CSS)
I graduated from the BBSH in June of 2009 and started my energy practice in Leesburg, Virginia. I LOVE this work! I work on the physical and emotional body and the energetic field of my clients. I work with them to help them move through blocks and obstacles that prevent them from moving forward on their true soul path. I help them strengthen their positive intention and bring consciousness to their defenses. This gives them choices – thereby empowering them to stand in their strength, individuality, integrity, imperfectness, and beauty!

I mirror for my clients who they TRULY are – under their woundings, fear, trauma, and defenses. It is such wonderful work! It is a gift to really SEE people and have compassion for who and where they are in life.

My Mission

My goal with P3 Energy & BodyWorks is to help people create and live their true longings. These longings may include improving their health and wellness, finding their life path, living authentically, and improving their relationships (with themselves, others, and God). This work is not easy. It will take commitment, introspection, an open mind, an open heart, perseverance, and sweat.

To honor my clients’ hard work while working with me, I commit to provide an environment of trust, compassion, motivation, continued education, respect, love (and a small dose of humor) to help my clients receive the results they desire.