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Specialness – It’s Like a Drug!

I was the youngest and the only girl.  I was Daddy’s princess.  I was special.  I got new clothes when the boys wore hand me downs.  I had my own room when the boys had to share.  I was dressed up in my frilly dresses to be shown off to family.  I sat on Daddy’s […]

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My Longing To Live in my Heart – A Poem

Dear God  Help me find the way to love Past shame and guilt and sorrow. Let me trust that my heart will bring Me joy in today and tomorrow. These things called shame and guilt Taint my soul with soot and muck. They fuel my rage, cause me to blame And keep me very stuck. […]

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Removing Shame from your Life

Shame is one of the lowest resonances of energy we can hold in our bodies and in our field.  It feels dark and heavy physically and mentally.  Shame makes us feel like a part of us is bad or evil, or that we have done wrong, and it cannot be fixed.  When do we feel […]

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