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Depression – Part III – Those Damn Dreary Days

Does being depressed mean that you are always so down you can’t get out of bed?  No.  Going down the rabbit hole (Part I) has gradients.  We do suffer, at times, by getting lost in the endless blackness that can envelope us.  However, most days it is like we are in a fog.  It is […]

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Support versus Fixing & Caretaking

It has been a theme in my sessions and talks recently:  “How do we provide support to the ones that we love?”  I come from a long line of fixers and caretakers.  I grew up with my father’s mantra:  “I will give the shirt off my back to anyone that needs it.”  It became my […]

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Depression – Part II – Taking off the Glasses

When I first went to a therapist for my depression, my husband was very afraid.  He was scared that I would realize that I was depressed because of our marriage, and the therapist would encourage me to leave him.  Of course, this was not the case.  Our partners are usually not the cause of our […]

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